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Communicate social media value to your boss!

After going through this information this morning, I actually now have a folder on my computer called ‘Social Media’. Guess it is about time. I guess this info was worthy of being saved. I often hear the question, how do I convince others about the value.

Check out the free #hubspot webinar ‘How to Demonstrate the Value of Social Media’ w @chrisbrogan –

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WSJ Credit Union Marketing Tool

The Wall Street Journal handed a long awaited no cost marketing/pr tool to credit unions this weekend.

How lucky are they? … Speaks

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Barack, Money and Stuff

Advertising Age today published its top stories of the year, including some lessons learned and some that are actually still pending.  What will 2009 bring?  Their “Book of Tens”:

Stories of the Year

People Who Made Their Mark

Ads Garfield Loved

Major Agency Shifts of 2008

TV Shows That Stood Out

Creativity’s Favorite Video Ads

Ad Songs of the Year

Recession-Proof Businesses

Dubious Attempts at Public Relations

Richard Laermer’s Trends for 2009



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Google and Search Engine Optimization

Google just posted a new SEO starter guide published 11/13.  Most of us can learn something, but definitely a great tool for many.  It is even available in Spanish and German.

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Public Relations and new

I recently attended another free webinar.  This one was by Vocus.  The title was Understand the True Value of Online Press Releases.”  I took away two great pieces of information I thought I should pass on.  One great tools and the other great insight.  Here you go:  It is exactly what it says it is.  And a good source about PR distribution services:

Happy PR

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Here is a wonderful collection of articles regarding the financial chaos in this country and the advertising/marketing field.  I am betting that this discussion will go on as long as the discussion on how we got here, what we are going to do, and will it work.

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Golden Rule of Networking

We all know how important networking is today.  Word-of-mouth, referrals, our reputations!!!  Recently I attended a seminar by Bob Burg, author, speaker on networking to increase sales.  Bob is dynamic.  He taught me his golden rule of networking – people will do business with those that they know, like and trust.  Think about that.   As we are working on referrals and working on getting others to know us and like us, we need to be earning their trust.  And, what he hinted at is that just like our reputations circle around on how successful we can be in our skills, our reputation on how trust-able we are also circles around.  So whether you are a consultant or a business, both have reputations, the trust component is imperative.

Considering all of our choices about who we do business with today, I would say Bob is ‘golden’ in his advice.

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