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What a guy!

Thanks to Phil Davies of for putting this list together of free press release distribution sites. For all of us who use these free services for all of their advantages and have met with success and sometimes failure with these sites, this compilation will help.

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I must fly east!

Over the past 10 years, the first decade of the new millenium I professionally, in no certain order – learned about search engine optimization, wrote telemarketing scripts, branded a credit union, learned how to email with my cell phone, how to work on a website, how to use an email marketing program, continued to use direct mail – I am still a fan of postcard mailings, used Google Analytics, hired and fired and mentored and volunteered, changed the name of a credit union, laid out many business cards, directed the production of  digital business cards, created conferences in Florida-twice in my technology industry days, directed a story for StoryCorps on NPR, was published nationally and locally and on wikipedia, spoke nationally and locally, laid out a newsletter, created a silent auction fundraiser for Boy Scouts,  voted for the Best Margarita in the Pioneer Valley, learned how to use a PDA and Skype,  owned four different laptops, five different cell phones – looking at Android OS one now,  tweeted with Peter Shankman, wrote marketing plans, wrote social media plans, changed jobs, blogged and texted, used Lotus Notes and Outlook, attended seminars and webinars, conferences and teleconferences, marketed Girl Scout cookies, served on many boards – left many, created vinyl banners and created banner ads;  and so much more; bought four digital cameras, joined linkedin, facebook, plaxo, myspace, and classmates, taped things on VCR tapes, DVR’d, burned CDs and DVDs, did live TV and radio, changed industries,  created videos, love Open Table, became a stronger alumni of WSC, placed print ads, placed Google ads,  sold on ebay but never bought, wrote hand-written thank you’s and will continue to do that, studied Catholic School marketing, raised money to help abused children and cried a lot,  use ITunes for my IPod, used AAA TripTiks, drove to Kentucky with my GPS, took a train to Chicago, flew north, south and west-but not east.  In this new decade, I must fly east!

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The Bacon Explosion

Today we can find many fantastic ways of keeping up with our changing marketing landscape. Here is a very intriguing one I was recently invited to:

A free webinar: Bacon Explosion 101: How to Create a Social Marketing Phenomenon.  According to MarketBright, “The term “Bacon Explosion” is quickly becoming short hand for “Viral Marketing Campaign”, and let’s all hope it replaces that term permanently. The Bacon Explosion was the brainchild of two of the top internet marketing minds around; Aaron Chronister and Jason Day. It was a simple idea: put a recipe for an explosively delicious BBQ dish on their site and then promote it through social media. What was not typical was the clever strategies Aaron and team deployed and which resulted in coverage in the New York Times, Good Morning America, Fox News and Air America Radio. Since launching the recipe, the BBQ Addicts website has received close to 1.5 million visitors and continues to spread all over the internet. ” 

Maybe you want to attend too!

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A Call to Action

1-05-09-0041The New York Times Book Review stated that Ralph Nader’s book, The Good Fight, is fundamentally a call to action.  Last week when I attended Ralph Nader’s talk  at Westfield State College I understood why.  His first point is that we do not expect/demand enough of our government; we should ask for more.  Why sit back and not ask?  One concept was to teach civic citizen  classes as he sees a decline in understanding or caring.  He went on to discuss ‘community economic self-reliance’ – “let’s put some meaning into community,” he stated. 

His community economic self-reliance words produced a large shoutout to credit unions and discussed their importance as cooperatives of the people.  And, then he gave the example of the Schumacher Society and BerkShares, another very interesting concept. 

I can’t write here the passion in his talk but from the few sentences above, I think you get his message.  He believes we have been brought to “ouch”, yes, I think we are all feeling that pain; and believes that more of us need “fire in our bellies” so we can deter “ouch” in the future!

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Prediction on the Press Release

In the free webinar by Vocus on Tuesday, Peter Shankman predicted that the press release will be gone in three years; public relations professionals will provide content to writers that they are looking for; writers will know who to contact for content; and social media will provide the rest and help this prediction along!

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The comback started last night

As the nation was celebrating a glorious day in history, we in Western MA started a comeback thanks to a rally started by Darby O’Brien.  As many US citizens scanned the television channels for the nation’s popular balls and parties, over 200 Western MA citizens joined in the rally which is the start of something incredible.   Talk about enthused people, the  energy that permeated the rally says we are ready.   Of course it was helped along with the Holyoke High School marching band, many were jumping out of their seats; the Holyoke High School Cheering Squad getting everyone pumped; Marx entertainment; and the  champagne toast to a new way of thinking. 

What was amazing obviously, is that people are ready to start thinking this way.  And it wasn’t defined by type of business, age of attendee or what you thought of the election this past fall.  It was a great group, ready.

Today I have hung up my “The Comback Starts Tonight” poster, and my green drinks sticker, and I am wearing  my “I Refuse to Participate in the Recession” button proudly.

Keep it going Darby!

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They say it is bad!

On Friday I sat with most of legislators from the western part of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Their message was all ‘doom and gloom’.  It is bad and going to get worse, no doubts in their minds at all.  Get ready, we haven’t seen anything like it.  Ouch!  That hurts!  Yes, there are some worries, I am worried, but what is worrying going to do for me right now.  Maybe I should just sit back and worry!  Or…

I could think positive, think of things that are going good.  We actually just had a brand new bank, yes, a new bank, open in Springfield.  Houses are still selling in my neighborhood and they are not being given away.  Waiting times are still happening in restaurants.  There are at least  two local credit unions hiring; two local ad executives told me how busy they are at the WNEC Conference two weeks ago…I guess I could keep going.   And I think we could all tell positive tales right now.   But needless to say, Darby O’Brien’s Comback Rally party Tuesday is well needed, thanks Darby, can’t wait!  The Rally

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