PR, internally?

May 4, 2007 at 2:51 am Leave a comment

Far many years ago I learned the hard way that public relations is not just an external part of a corporate environment. It is just as important internally as externally. And since I learned it so loud and clear, I have never forgotten it.

And in saying that I am happy to state that as ValleyStone Credit Union has continued through our branding process, our internal well-being has been ‘top of mind.’ Not just communicating our brand to our employees, and making sure that they can walk and talk our brand, but substantiating that we are ‘well’ internally. That we have the ability to accept change, to communicate efficiently, to understand each other and that we have the ability to move fast.

How we will know this and accomplish this? Starting 5/7, with an outside consulting firm, we will undergo almost four full days of examination; every employee will participate in the internal evaluation of ValleyStone. Four days which will include individual interviews; individual performance examinations; individual feedback sessions; group feedback sessions and a lengthy session on how we can vigorously perform together. How intense as well as exciting. This will be done briskly and quickly with great outcomes and benefits. Then we will have wonderful reasons to expand our external PR.

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Proof Under The Big Tent

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