Being Lazy

March 24, 2007 at 9:43 pm Leave a comment

The cellar (see below) featured a speaker named Al Gini.  Al is a great guy, just a great happy guy.  We had a long discussion about today’s world.  Very informal.  But very fun.  Al is a philosophy professor at Loyola University in Chicago and a member of Loyola’s Institute of Human Resources and Industrial Relations.  He is also an author.  In the cellar he spoke about his book The Importance of Being Lazy, in Praise of Play, Leisure and Vacations.  He also wrote My Job, My Self.  He was one of the founding directors of Loyola’s credit union and sat on the board forever.  We chatted about credit unions, he is very very familiar with their insides.  Of course, I listened to Al’s talk from the prospective of Al knowing credit unions, I working in a credit union, and I applying his knowledge into my credit union.

He spoke of ‘true leisure’, the kind we all need, the kind where you need 3 days of vacation to get ready for vacation.  He studies the history of leisure, how it has changed since we were all young.  He questions whether leisure is really the absence of work for us, or whether we can achieve true leisure.  If we do achieve true leisure we return more productive.  I think many of us know that, but do we know that from a ‘false leisure’ standpoint.

It was about this point in his talk, that the chef from the kitchen went up and retrieved some clothes out of the clothes dryer.  That was ‘true fun’!

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The Cellar Wasted

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